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August 11, 2014

Picture This

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MOST OF MY EXPERIENCES have begun with “…there I was, minding my own business when…” It is becoming my new age counterpart to “It was a dark and stormy night.” Of course, if you know me, you will realize that’s an ideal fit. So, here I sit, in the wee hours of a full moon, typing away atop my doghouse, projecting my thoughts for any eyes that care to peruse them.

I spent last Thursday freely wandering around LA, minding my own business (there it is!), when I dropped by an odd little shop on Melrose Avenue. It’s an eclectic storefront catering to a far different mindset nowhere near the K-Mart crowd. It’s the only place in town that I know of where you can purchase a tarot deck, a dog skull AND a Norman Rockwell print all under the same roof. And who among us hasn’t had all three of those juicy morsels on our shopping list at one time or another?

The reason for my being there was to purchase a business card holder that happens to look like XLMCardHoldera small coffin. Yes, you read that right. I want to entice clients to pick up a business card by pulling it out of a slot in the top of a mini-casket. It would be a perfect companion piece to the delicately carved set of wooden hands that I currently use. It’s a marvelous conversation starter—and sometimes stopper, depending on the timidity of the individual. Much to my chagrin, I was informed that the item I so desperately wanted was no longer in stock. Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do. To appease my disappointment I wandered around the curiosity shop, sulking, in hopes of finding one lone stray that the shopkeeper had long forgotten.

No such luck. Curse their flawless knowledge of their own inventory.

I did happen upon a box of old photographs, however. I’m talking old, turn of the century stuff. Black and white, sepia tones, even tintypes. Well, I’m a sucker for such oddities, so I naturally soared right to them like a hummingbird to a symposium on nectar addictions. I reached into the tray of the first box and I randomly pulled out a photo. It didn’t take long for me to realize there was nothing random about it. I immediately did a double-take that would make Oliver Hardy proud. It was a photograph of a man wearing a dark three-piece suit. His tall, lanky frame is leaning against a tree, an arm draped through its fork, the other at his side, his hand clutching a bowler hat. You can see what appears to be a light colored mesh scarf of sorts draped over one of the limbs of the fork. He has a dark handlebar mustache, a prominent nose and intense, piercing eyes. The kind of eyes that can bore a hole right through you. His hair is parted in the middle and swept back on both sides. His face is square, his jaw firm. You can clearly see his pocket watch chain glistening in the light.

Robert_150I gazed at him for a few moments in focused curiosity. Several years ago, I was given a description of my Master Guide, Robert, by two different—well technically, three—psychics. The first was Rita Berkowitz, the renowned psychic and spirit artist. The other was Terry & Linda Jamison, aka The Psychic Twins. The descriptions of Robert from these individuals were all but completely identical. I was told he was wearing a dark three piece suit, with a slim tie, of course. He was tall and thin. His nose was prominent and he sported a dark handlebar mustache and dark hair, parted in the middle and swept back. Both made a comment that he reminded them of an undertaker in the old west or the turn of the century. How ideal is THAT? The only difference was that Berkowitz said he had a square featured face and the Twins described his face as being long, oval shaped.

I have had glimpses, both physical and energetic, of all of my Spirit Guides with the exception of Robert. He’s the one I connect with the most and, oddly, he’s the one that is the biggest mystery. Whenever I inquire specifics about him, he merely replies, “That is not important.” When I badger him about it, like any big whiner baby, he simply says, “My past is of no significance to your path, your growth.” If I continue to hound him—and you KNOW I do—he just shuts up. Well, LA-DEE-FRIGGIN-DA.

But he had no problem showing himself off to Berkowitz and the Twins. OK, so they’re all prettier than me. But, c’mon! We work together! Throw me a bone, here, will ya?

As I stood in that shop on Melrose I was almost convinced I was holding that very bone in my hand. Of course, being the professional Doubting Thomas that I am, I started to shrug it off as a big ol’ coinky-dink. Hey, this type of attire, as well as fashion sense, was quite popular back in the day. I could have found any number of photos of men who resembled the one in this particular photograph. To appease my self-righteous arrogance, I quickly flipped through the other photos in the box. Low and behold, I did not come across a single photo of anyone looking like the fellow in the one I was clutching. I admit I was a bit surprised by my lack of discovery. I fanned the photo slightly, tapping its cardboard edge on the fingers of my left hand in an odd out-of-step rhythm. The sound was internally deafening while virtually inaudible to anyone else. “Weird,” was all I could mutter to myself. Without thinking—which really is pretty customary for me in most situations—I flipped the photo over. While having no scientific proof of this, I am all but convinced that my eyes suddenly resembled saucers that consumed the greater part of my face.

Robert_SignatureScrawled on the back of the photo was a name and nothing more: Robert King Brown.

In my natural, nearly deafening voice, I simply said, “Holy shit.” While not the most spiritual of quotes, I defy you to find one more honest or sincere.

Admittedly, I am not one who can just leave things alone. No matter how blatantly obvious something may be I have to dig just a little bit deeper. No worries. My people know that and I’m convinced that’s why I always uncover a few remaining gold nuggets from what most would think is a tapped vein. There are 15 letters in the gentleman’s name. That totals a six in numerology and, of course, I’m a six. Impressive? Sure. But the real kicker is that his full name in numerology totals an eleven. My Guides have used this number as a “thumbs up, it’s all good” sign from virtually day one. Eleven is a Master Number. It’s a biggie as many of you know. It’s all about spiritual enlightenment and the ability to make that enlightenment a reality in the material world. For example, materializing what may very well be a photographic representation of one’s own Spirit Guide.

I’ve preached this a thousand times, and I’m sure I will preach it until I can preach no more: Trust. This work is all about trust. Trusting what you receive, what you sense, what you are given. And then continuing by trusting yourself to deliver what you’ve received, sensed and, yes, been given. And the reason I scream it from the rooftops with such determination? Because, like so many, I am just not embracing my own message. “Do as I say, not as I do” is NOT a mantra to be flaunted. It’s about as de-motivational as you can get. It’s like a distorted reflection in a fun-house mirror. You do have the image but it’s no truer than the BS you cling to with false hope and misguided intentions.

I’ve made great pains to ensure I deliver what I’m seeing on the screen in my head. I do my best to not sugarcoat or edit. But often times I am bewildered by whatever is before me so I commit the ultimate sin: I think. Oh, when will I learn? Thinking will get you in trouble every time. When I am being shown a tacky orange and green ashtray then I need to just blurt it out. When I am insistently told to not give up on someone then, by jumpin’ Jehosaphat, do as they say. Stop questioning, start accepting and just trust. Let go of the how, and know there is always a reason. A reason, I may add, that may not make a lick of sense at the time…and that’s OK because you’re trusting that the outcome will be as it is supposed to be.

So, thank you, Robert. I am humbled by your efforts. I can only pray you are getting paid overtime for things like this. I hope this will help each of you to not only be more trusting of how your own system is wired, but how you honor each and every surge that runs through it. Are you truly acting on your own better judgments and instincts with people and situations? Or are you going through the motions the way you assume others would prefer? It takes time and that infernal patience thing you hear so much about in order to get into a state of trust. I know firsthand that when you stray away from that mindset you will probably get one humdinger of a slap in the back of the head in order to set your inner GPS due North.

Onward, ever onward.

Copyright © 2014, Charles A. Filius

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