Pondering the Pavement

March 27, 2014

On Your Road Again

Image“It doesn’t matter what you want if you do not actively seek it! A wish upon a falling star, the dropping of a coin in a wishing well in a picturesque grotto, the rubbing of a rabbit’s foot…all can be called symbolic but, in truth, it does not go beyond that! The falling star is beautiful to see, the tranquility of the grotto may bring you some peace, and the rabbit’s foot is soft and gentle to the touch. Ya know what? Big deal. These sensations are fleeting, momentary only. Pursuit, active participation, will enable you to walk your path.

“Totems, symbolic articles as well as rituals, are, of course, useful PROVIDING you do not soul-ly rely on them alone. Your dream will not come to your door—you must venture out and rap on a few doors yourself. Mingle with the Universe, exchange ideas and ideals. Learn from the stumbles as well as the solidity of assured footedness! Your destined goals can be enabled, as well as disabled, by active AND inactive participation. Care to venture as to which goes with which?

“Look outside right now—outside your window as well as outside yourself—and what do you truly see? Stepping outside of yourself and gazing impartially within takes time and nerve—no doubt about that. But do it! DO IT! Do it again and again and again for it never gets old. Each gaze can provide new insight aligned within each and every moment of each and every step as well as hesitation.

“You know what you are made of, what kind of person you are, what your true aspirations are as well as the perspiration that goes into it all. Some days of travel are far worse than others. That is a fact of all Life. But, do you choose to dwell on that OR embrace the obvious that the opposite is true as well? How many vacations have you taken—from a single day to several weeks—where SOMETHING has gone awry? But, overall, you look back on it with joyous smiles and the feeling of a good time had by all. It may not have seemed all that grand at the moment, but hindsight and reflection are great tools in achieving clarity.

“The negative, the frustrations, the struggles are temporary. They will soon be overhauled by positivity and purpose. Providing, of course, that YOU do something to motivate it, as well as yourself, onward ever onward.

“Do it, my Children, whatever IT may be to you. Continue along your journey so you can beckon others to follow their own convictions and drive with a simple, yet powerful, ‘Having a Wonderful Time! Wish You Were Here!’

– Thomas

Copyright 2014 © Charles A. Filius

February 27, 2014

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

I have been very blessed, right from the official beginning, to have a strong association with my Spirit Guides that is sparklingly crystal clear. Their personalities, like mine, are overwhelmingly strong, loud and undeniable. Ignoring them is just not a comfortable option. They command my attention when they have the need to speak. It greatly reminds me of a small child tugging on their father’s shirt sleeve repeating, “Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!” over and over and over. No matter what dear old dad is doing he eventually has to give in and scream, “WHAT?” When they request my undivided attention I have little to no choice but share their insight with others. I hope you’re willing to listen…


Image“The mouth of a cave looms ahead, a gaping void along the side of a mountain of stone. It is monstrous in size, overwhelming to the visual senses. Ignoring its existence is futile, pointless. What steps do you take? You know not what awaits within its darkened walls. Other options are at your disposal, of course. You may walk around the expanding mountain range, searching for an easier approach. But what of its duration? Many cycles of sun and moon may, or may not, pass by prior to completion. You just do not know.

“You may wish to return from hence you came. Can you envision going back to where, and who, you were prior to this journey? Does this settle well and earnestly within?

“There is always the simplistic choice of merely staying where you are at this very moment. Contemplate the realization that this could be where you will forever take root. Look about you—is this where you will find nourishment? Contentment? True Peace? Eternal Knowledge? Is THIS all you require for your physical incarnation, happiness, fulfillment?

“Stepping in the cavern of the unknown does not require courage, despite what you may think you want to believe. It simply requires faith—within and throughout—in yourself as well as whoever, whatever, you KNOW your Creator to Be. Step into the cave, Little One. And explore!

“You are far more aware, on a deeper soul level, that the mouth of the cave is presented for a reason. Worry not about the “why”. Accept that there IS a “why” and it will be revealed—perhaps—at a future time.

“Do not toss aside precious, fleeting moments “finding” the courage to go within, Little One. There is no need for you ARE courage! Just as you ARE Love! Just as you ARE Light! Just as you ARE evidence of God’s Own Divine Presence!

“The darkness will build around you as you dare to explore deeper within. The light in which you started will dissipate until it has faded from conscious view. And then what? Human instinct will bring fear to the forefront. You are lost, you fear. You are alone, abandoned. There is no hope in sight!

“But wait…are you not standing? You cannot see the cavern floor beneath you, but you FEEL it, do you not? Reach beyond yourself in order to feel the walls surrounding you. You are NOT encircled by nothingness. Are you of the unknowing mind that clings to the limitation of only seeing is believing? Travel beyond your limited senses, mindsets and crippling assumptions. See what is unseen. Live what seems unlivable. Allow the unknowing to remind you that acceptance does not require any knowledge.

“Take advantage of the darkness. Use this time to continually explore within. All the while accepting that the lack of surrounding light does not diminish the brightest of light that is your soul, your spirit, your being, your Creator within and throughout!”

—The One Who Soars with Eagles

Copyright © 2014, Charles A. Filius 

February 7, 2014

Channeled on the Carpet

Image“Don’t be afraid to hear your own mind.”

My brow furrowed as I looked at the words scrawled on the paper before me. Both my head and hand tilted to the right like Nipper, the RCA Victor dog. “That can’t be right,” I thought. I took a deep breath and said, “Don’t you mean SPEAK your own mind?” All I received in return was the raising of an ethereal eyebrow. It’s amazing, isn’t it? After all of these years I still question Robert. I like to think he admires my naturally inquisitive nature. Whoops. There goes that eyebrow again.

After a few moments, as if Robert was collecting his thoughts or counting to ten in order to refrain from slapping me in the back of the head, my pen-wielding hand dashed across the paper once more.

“If it is within your mind there IS a reason. There IS an origin. And it IS yours. Own it fully. Is it there to enhance? Is it there to educate, motivate, create or appreciate? Or is it merely caulking for a leaky, worn tub? Is it mental gibberish enabling your lack of focus? Does it hinder or heighten your life’s path?”

And Robert gets peeved when I ask him questions? Then, correctly on cue, he delivered the truth right between the eyes: “Are your thoughts necessary or merely an excuse?”

Well, there’s a question for the ages.

“Your thoughts can rule as well as be ruled. Like any skill, it requires time, true desire and total dedication. Only you can direct the flow of your own thoughts. You cannot rely on Spirit to do this for you. What purpose, other than catering to your own laziness, would that serve? You are made aware of Spirit within your life in order to face physical challenges, trouble-free as well as taxing. Your freewill is not only the deciding factor but the action as well. It really is up to you. We merely shine the light, but it is “soul-ly” your option to observe.

“If you wish to clear the mind, cleanse the awareness of your Spirit, then sharpen your focus, your connection, as you would a blade… by keeping it to the grindstone! Work at it—with it—daily, not once-in-a-while or whenever the mood strikes. What if you exercised your body only when you felt like it? Can you imagine eating or bathing on the occasional whim? Why is it that you can easily set aside hours at a time to watch a series of television programs, to skim a magazine, or to catch the big game, but you will not take the required moments to connect with Spirit? I refer to not just Us, you know? I refer to You as well! Is a scoreboard more significant than keeping a tally of your own self-sight?

“Mock reality, whether presented to you or thrown at you, is truly nothing when it comes to your very own reality. Do not watch it—live it, own it, be it—for it IS yours. Why? Because it IS you!

“Again, do not be afraid to listen to the sound of your own mind. It will unquestionably reveal the truth within.”

There was a pause—an unspoken ‘think about that’ moment. Then Robert’s trademark, “I am done” echoed throughout the room and he was gone. My head jerked back with an exaggerated blink, the pen fell from my hand and rolled a couple of inches down the page. I exhaled heavily, as if I had been holding my breath, and I sat back in my chair. When Robert lectures me I often feel like I’ve been grounded and my allowance has been taken away.

But, of course, he was right. Distractions have been plentiful lately, to say the least. Admittedly, my birthday is always a season for such unfocused obsessions. I allow my mind to romp and frolic in the neighbor’s yard giving absolutely no regard to the clearly posted KEEP OFF THE LAWN signs encased in rusty barbwire. One becomes illiterate when pandering to such notions.

I’m a control freak. I am the first to admit it. Robert’s eloquent knee-to-the-gut made me realize my craving of control does extend beyond what I’ve thought…literally. One’s thoughts can be organized and managed once you admit to WHY they are there in the first place. I can honestly say mine are there in order to keep from facing the next step, the ascending rung on the ladder. In the past I have often reflected on what I have not done, where I have not gone and other succulent shortcomings. Why am I convinced that introspection has to be negative? What about examining what I have done, where I have gone and, more excitedly, what I will do?

Listen to the thoughts within your own mind and, more importantly, give the one who put ‘em there some respect. I’m gonna give it a shot and I urge you to do the same.

Copyright © 2014, Charles A. Filius

February 6, 2014

A View Anew

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A View Anew

“When a person can no longer laugh at himself,
it is time for others to laugh at him.”

― Thomas Stephen Szasz
I am always discovering something new in this work. It is honestly a never-ending tapestry woven with sometimes seemingly random threads. Odd color schemes, off the wall patterns, you name it. Yet, in the end, a beautiful image will reveal itself. The speed of the viewing goes directly hand-in-hand with my perception, of course. Like everyone, I will get caught up in the day-to-day choreography of life without taking notice of what is going on around, and especially, within me. That’s usually when I fall flat on my face, as the revealing self portrait above can attest. My unmindful grace, spiritually and physically, can really only be compared to a herd of bulls in the midst of the worst bovine hiccup epidemic known to man while in a Faberge Egg museum during an earthquake. Twice. With my scattered thought patterns I am often bewildered on how I can actually do this work. Sure, I can talk to your deceased grandmother but, as of this writing, I haven’t a clue where my keys are nestled.  Once I pick myself up off the pavement, piece by humiliated piece, I will review my own perspective. I don’t make myself see things differently. Instead, I do my best to realize what IS. After all, it’s my diverse outlook that caused the asphalt belly-flop in the first place. I rarely understand it right off the bat. But I take note and store it in the well-worn library in my head for a later epiphany.Yea, my self-perception is often different from how others, here and there, see it.

What I have been fascinated to discover is that the being in spirit that I connect with in a session will often times have a self-perception that greatly differs from the thoughts and/or memories of the sitter. Parents who feel they weren’t there enough for their children while the child was perfectly content with them growing up. The spouse who wasn’t as loving as he or she thought they should be while the one left behind couldn’t have been happier. Over time I have realized that these differing views do not stem from an unhappy life or a self-deprecating existence. It comes from a heightened perspective in spirit of the truly limitless capacity of the spiritual heart. We can love until there is no tomorrow. Guaranteed. But, as I stated, getting caught up in the choreography of life momentarily distracts us. When I am told “I could have loved more” I see it not as a self-imposed fault but as a reminder to the sitter, “Love with every vibration of your being!” And, of course, pass it on.

Right now I would LOVE to know where those keys are…

Copyright © 2014, Charles A. Filius

September 7, 2013

Carved In Stone

ImageI have always had a love of cemeteries. If you know me, even slightly, then you know this little personal morsel. As a child, I would spy a graveyard from the confines of my grandfather’s Buick and demand he stop the car so I could check it out. He would say, “But we don’t know anyone buried there!” Oh, please. Like that was a credible reason. And, of course, he wouldn’t stop. Grownups just didn’t get me. To this day, if I spot a cemetery along any given route, I will stop and wander through for a bit. I cannot pinpoint my fixation to any solitary thing. I find them comforting and peaceful as well as just plain fascinating. Each and every resting place serves as slivers of living—pardon the fully intentional pun—history, brief glimpses into people you may not know but yet share a common element: mourning a loss. The grave often gives us a chance to reflect upon and celebrate the life of the person interred. I experience such warmth when I spot graves that are brightly decorated, often with random, yet very personal, bits and pieces.

I have seen final resting places decorated with everything from margarita glasses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to bottles of India Ink and cow-themed wind chimes. I’ve seen the small grave of a little one gone too soon blanketed with an array of their beloved toys. A grandfather’s love of fishing was easily proven with a rod & reel attached to his headstone. The woman whose blatant love of casinos was shared in an epitaph, chiseled forever in granite, for all to see: ‘I’d rather be in Vegas.’ Tears of sadness and joy, mixed together, simultaneously grasping the loss while finding comfort in what made each person unique. How do you wish to be remembered? Words or actions? Collections or recollections? I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I have a thought or two for my own…

Robert, my Master Guide, once described the physical life as a yardstick (apologies to my metric fans out there). “One’s life covers allllll this space,” he said, spreading his hands over the full three foot span. “And yet, when one has passed, so many only focus on this tiny sliver,” he continued indicating the very end of the stick. “All that was measured prior cannot be forgotten. Do not permit the grief to block out the true evidence of the life lived and shared. It is all measured.”

I understand the pain of loss. We all do. It is inevitable. And, frankly, you need to mourn, to grieve. Sadness, just as joy, is vital to the human experience. You cannot raise yourself above it for it is part of what makes you human. While the initial loss can be devastating we can often find comfort in the memories, allllll those other moments that filled the space prior to death, as Robert pointed out. While I deeply mourned the loss of a dear friend, I find myself, time and time again, recalling our last Thanksgiving together. It was nothing short of a modern retelling of a classic 1930’s screwball comedy. That memory alone has carried me through some rough patches.

I find that Spirit often utilizes humor in their communications with us. Recalling a funny incident, relaying a comment that is “just so like them.” It not only gives you evidence of their continued existence, but it also gives you inspiration to heal, move forward, and smile as you think about them. Some believe dealings with Spirit are to be solemn proceedings; void of what I feel is the true human touch. Sorry, but I disagree. As noted psychic Hans Christian King has said, “They’re not deity’s people. They’re just plain folk.” Respond to them now as you did when they were here: with love and laughter.

“There is no moment or memory that is too small. Just take the time to allow the light to shine divinely and watch it all grow within your heart, your soul. This light will surely enhance even the smallest of gardens, providing you with shade and comfort from this day onward.”

– Robert

Copyright © 2013, Charles A. Filius

February 5, 2013

We Remember Love

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ImagePresident Calvin Coolidge once said, “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.” I believe this sentiment should extend to Valentine’s Day as well. I suppose it can seem a bit disheartening that we’ve had to establish a holiday to remind us to acknowledge love in our lives. One can, and probably will, argue that this particular holiday is manufactured solely for profit. It seems that Love has, like so many things, gone commercial. Well, duh. No PhD needed for that snippet of insight. But the essence of the day remains. Love is with us in so many forms and expressions. And, no matter what, we do remember it.

Have you ever forgotten your first love? Of course not. I certainly remember mine. That blonde Valerie Bertinelli doppelganger stole my heart lock, stock and barrel when I was 18. She was feisty, funny and she wore sarcasm like a second coat. No wonder we got along so well. She once filled out a customer comment card at a local pizza place entirely in French just because. What’s not to love about that? I was young and stupid and head-over-heels.

I remember how I would get tongue-tied whenever she was around. I still recall the innocent euphoria of our first kiss. And God knows I vividly remember how she made me feel with just the sound of her voice. We were going to be together forever because, when you’re 18, you know everything and every decision you make is not only brilliant but everlasting. I would, at this time, like to reiterate the whole “young and stupid” thing.

So, no, we weren’t together forever. Big shock there. But I have never forgotten her or that time. Big things, little things, you name the size and form. I remember them all—especially on a soul level. I don’t need Valentine’s Day to remember her or to tell anyone that I love them. As we all know life can get in the way and the obvious will sometimes get shoved to the wayside. When that happens just take a moment and remember. If there’s always room for Jell-O then there is always time to remind someone—even yourself—that you love them.

I often relay to my clients that if I could share any aspect of what I do with them it would be one thing and one thing only: the overwhelming sensation of pure love that comes from the Other Side. Our loved ones in spirit continually surround us in their unconditional love. And they would like nothing more than if we did the same with those on both sides of the veil. The best way I can describe how it feels to me is that it’s a cross between a thousand baskets of kittens being shoved in the room and a Hallmark moment on steroids. It’s pure and simple with an innocent intensity. It kinda reminds me of being young and stupid…

Take the time to tell those special people in your life that you love them. Family and friends, lovers and passersby. It doesn’t matter. Like the shoes remind us, just do it. You may not remember it 20 years from now but I’m willing to bet those on the receiving end will.

Copyright © 2013, Charles A. Filius

March 6, 2012

Finding Your Place Within

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“Where do you go for direction? Don’t bother answering because it’s an absurd question. It’s different for everyone. The importance is, from my own experiences, knowing that direction is being given. And, on some level, you are taking notes as you put one foot in front of the other. When someone tells you a joke do you sit and try to understand why the joke is being told or do you just laugh out of instinct? When you hear a sad story do you have to digest all aspects of it before opting for a response or do you automatically cry? You don’t think, you feel. You are without knowing why and yet you accept it, yourself, as part of the package of life.”

excerpt from DAILIES by C. A. Filius


Guidance is a funny thing. I often have clients come to me asking Spirit to hand over a step-by-step Playbook of their lives. Hey, who wouldn’t love such a luxury? It removes the guesswork and allows us to cruise on autopilot. The electronic age has certainly provided a virtually endless supply of devices that have put our brains on hold. How many phone numbers do you have committed to memory?

“What’s Frank’s number?” you ask. “5!” they reply. Sorry, but speed-dial isn’t always the best option.

We must–and I cannot stress this enough–participate in our own lives. We have to make decisions, we have to interact with others. There’s no escaping it. It’s OK to get stuck in traffic once-in-a-while. If anything it gives you a chance to slow down and take in your surroundings. You may be surprised at what you see. Don’t waste your time taking all of the side streets because you cannot stand the idea of traffic congestion. Cruise the streets of your life and live! That’s where your answers reside, you know? Within the fun of it all. If you’re saying, “I don’t know how to have fun!” then you should spend some time figuring out WHY instead of expecting someone, physical or spiritual, passing you a note in class. Term papers do not write themselves. Books do not read themselves. Hearts do not beat by themselves. Your passions–even the pursuit of them–are the fuel that you need. If ‘regular’ isn’t giving you the mileage you want then it’s time for an upgrade to ‘premium,’ don’t you think?

You cannot be given the answer for you ARE the answer!

Copyright © 2012, Charles A. Filius

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